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Prayer Ministry Vision Mission


prayer-minitry-mission-vission-txt“Never worry about anything; but tell GOD all your desires of every kind in prayer and petition shot through with gratitude and the peace of GOD which is beyond our understanding will guard your hearts and your thoughts in CHRIST.”      Phil 4:6-7


Dear Aggie and members of the Committee,


One of the most central things we Christians do when we are together is ‘Pray’.  We gather to hear the Word of GOD, the HOLY SPIRIT uniting us, bringing JESUS in

our midst.  Prayer is what sets us apart from a social club.

We need prayer just as much as we need air. On a personal level, prayer should be a source of vision, power, creativity and blessing.  Since prayer is a vital necessity, we ought to give this Ministry unquestioned priority.

The Prayer Ministry, through the power of prayer, the Word of GOD, guided by the HOLY SPIRIT, will bring unity and strength to the Renewal.  Applying Biblical truths and teachings of the Magisterium, others will find that true freedom comes from accepting salvation through JESUS CHRIST.

You are called to be a gift, ‘a restorer of hope’ to bring the love, joy, healing, deliverance of our Lord JESUS, to the lives of individuals, whose lives do not reflect such grace.

You are called to be ‘truth bearers’ defeating the lies that keep others in bondage, those not able to tap on the enormous blessings which Father GOD has designed for each of us.

Essentially, prayer is part of how we connect with GOD and grow in faith.  The Prayer Ministry in its design can help individuals and the faith Communities as a whole, by conducting seminars, setting guidelines, offer resources to assist Prayer Communities and individuals in the growth of their prayer life and ultimately to enhance their relationship with GOD.

On behalf of all the Prayer Communities and members of the Diocesan Service Team in the Diocese of Parramatta, you have our full support and prayers, for taking on this very important task.  GODE BLESS YOU.


JMJ prayer for us,

Gerard Marcello

Chairperson, DST Parramatta.


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